Toledo Blade Editorial: Reality vs. Rhetoric

“Dolan wasn’t drawn into hypothetical discussions…insisting instead on a total concentration on securing the border by enforcing existing law.”


“The first joint appearance by the three Republicans seeking the nomination to oppose Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D., Ohio), at a debate in Medina, Ohio on Saturday, shows the GOP voters have a clear choice between sloganeering and reality.

“The most illuminating exchange came on the topic of continued support for Ukraine. Cleveland car dealer Bernie Moreno wants to join…as Vladimir Putin’s patsy by ending assistance to the victims of Russia’s invasion.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose says continued resistance to Mr. Putin must be tied to security on the southern border of the United States. We believe those are unrelated things, and the United States can do two things at the same time.

“State Sen. Matt Dolan of Chagrin Falls understands America has multiple reasons to support Ukraine. Among them: “It controls 25 percent of the world’s wheat … do you want higher food prices,” he asked.

Mr. Moreno’s totally infeasible plan to secure the Mexican border is to eliminate birthright citizenship to children of illegal immigrants … amending the Constitution is way beyond the capacity of any one senator.

Senator Dolan wasn’t drawn into hypothetical discussions about unrealistic policy solutions, insisting instead on a total concentration on securing the border by enforcing existing law, a policy that can be forced by a change in control of the U.S. Senate.

“Whoever emerges as the Republican nominee has a good chance of flipping the U.S. Senate from Democratic to Republican control. Defeating … Senator Brown will be more difficult if the candidate’s agenda is set by the lunatic fringe.

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