The Wall Street Journal: “The One Exception Is Matt Dolan”

In case you missed it, The Wall Street Journal conducted a deep dive into the race for U.S. Senate in Ohio. Michael Bender’s take is just the latest in a long string of coverage illustrating how Matt Dolan is the only candidate squarely focused on the needs of Ohio.

The Wall Street Journal
How Tight Is Trump’s Grip on the GOP? Take a Look at the Ohio Senate Primary
Five candidates offer slight variations on Trumpism, in a contest that will test the ex-president’s popularity 

“For three decades, Rob Portman checked all the boxes of a classic pro-business Ohio Republican: Senior positions in both Bush White Houses. Twelve years in the House. A short stint as a lobbyist. A dozen years in the Senate. Until recently, Portman-style candidates typified the party in the state, fending off opposition from socially conservative or tea party activists. No more. With Mr. Portman retiring, the fight to succeed him revolves around one question only: Which flavor of Trump is best?”

“The one exception is Matt Dolan, a state senator and former prosecutor, who entered the race Sept. 20 as a traditional pro-business candidate and not a Trump acolyte, prompting an immediate response from the ex-president.”

Matt Dolan has routinely and consistently illustrated that not only does he support President Trump’s policy agenda, he worked to help implement it in Ohio. From record tax cuts, to expanding school choice, funding local police and advancing deregulation to drive private sector growth, Matt Dolan is the only candidate who has a clear conservative record of achievement in the race for U.S. Senate.

The Columbus Dispatch
The ‘nicest mean guy’: Republican state Sen. Matt Dolan considers a run for U.S. Senate
“Dolan said he voted for Trump (both times) because he shared his views on tax cuts, the Iran nuclear deal, border security and the economy … Do I have the personality of Trump? No, Dolan said. But I tell you I have the passion of the former president.”

While Dolan’s opponents in the past have frequently criticized President Trump, they are now using their bids for U.S. Senate to walk back those criticisms. Alternatively, Matt Dolan has maintained his laser focus on issues impacting Ohio. This has earned him wide praise from supporters, reporters and even the editorial board of The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Toledo Blade
Is Matt Dolan the Rob Portman who can replace Rob Portman?
“Mr. Dolan is the only Republican in the vicinity of the race talking so directly about things like jobs, security, and education in terms of action in Washington. Candidates Josh Mandel and J.D. Vance are known for riling followers on Twitter. Investment banker Mike Gibbons, entrepreneur Bernie Moreno, and former party chairman Jane Timken are hewing closely to Mr. Trump and tapping into cultural wedge issues.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board
Republicans hoping to reclaim their party need to unite behind Matt Dolan’s Senate bid: editorial

“Anyone wanting to get the political pulse of the GOP race to succeed U.S. Sen. Rob Portman next year need look no farther than how the leading contenders reacted to the Cincinnati Republican’s bipartisan infrastructure compromise that could steer billions to Ohio. They were against it.”

“Yet there is hope for those who want to reclaim Republican sanity in Ohio and find a levelheaded candidate with some of the practical conservatism and can-do attributes of Portman.

“His name is Matt Dolan and he has now formally entered the U.S. Senate race.”

JobsOhio Chairman Robert Smith, Cleveland Plain Dealer LTE:​
Ohio needs the infrastructure bill negotiated by Sen. Portman and supported by Matt Dolan

The lone prospective major GOP candidate supporting Portman’s bill is Cleveland-area state Sen. Matt Dolan, presently considering a run for U.S. Senate. Dolan is conservative, but understands you need to get things done. There is more to being a U.S. senator than simply being opposed to everything. The infrastructure bill negotiated by Portman and supported by Dolan looks out for our region’s interests. For that, Portman deserves the credit and Dolan will get my vote.

Ohio State Senate President Pro Tem Jay Hottinger Tweet
“Why do we need another candidate for the US Senate? I’m old fashioned enough to know we need a candidate that talks about substance, issues and our state.”