Supporting Law Enforcement

Rising crime in Ohio and across America stems from the attacks socialist Democrats have relentlessly waged against our police officers. It’s shameful and has no place in our communities. As a prosecutor and member of Ohio’s General Assembly, I have always supported our police and first responders. In my career, I have routinely met with law enforcement officials across Ohio and will always stand with the individuals protecting our communities. In the U.S. Senate, I will unapologetically BACK THE BLUE and stop any attempt to defund the police.

  • Dolan established a local law enforcement training program and invested $15 million to fund it and protect local communities from violent crime.
  • Dolan co-sponsored a bill to establish May 24th as Ohio’s First Responders’ Appreciation Day.
  • Dolan empowered local law enforcement to keep human traffickers off the street by increasing penalties on repeat offenders.
  • Dolan worked with religious organizations and law enforcement to obtain funding to secure and protect houses of worship and faith-based non-profits across Ohio.
  • Dolan co-sponsored a bill to align Ohio’s criminal background check system with federal law.
  • Dolan led the charge on legislation that invested $250 million for Ohio’s police officers and first responders, local schools, childcare facilities and healthcare workers across our state to continue economic recovery.
  • Dolan was recognized by the Ohio Domestic Violence Network as a champion and advocate for victims of domestic violence in 2021.