Robert C. Smith: “Ohio needs the infrastructure bill negotiated by Sen. Portman and supported by Matt Dolan”

The Plain Dealer LTE

Sept 17, 2021

Robert C. Smith

Sen. Rob Portman recently authored an infrastructure bill that would provide nearly $12 billion in funding for Ohio roads, bridges and infrastructure. As a fiscal conservative, this initially gave me pause. Now, my primary concerns are the leading Republicans seeking Portman’s seat who refuse to support this important bill (”Candidates bash infrastructure bill that Portman championed,” Aug. 11).

They say they are dismayed by the cost. On the merits, that may be valid. Yet, the bill would provide thousands of local jobs and long-overdue road and bridge repairs, support our local economy and boost American competitiveness with China. While these candidates are crisscrossing Ohio trying to win over their Republican base with hollow rhetoric, they must not have realized they are driving on taxpayer-funded roads.

The lone prospective major GOP candidate supporting Portman’s bill is Cleveland-area state Sen. Matt Dolan, presently considering a run for U.S. Senate. Dolan is conservative, but understands you need to get things done. There is more to being a U.S. senator than simply being opposed to everything. The infrastructure bill negotiated by Portman and supported by Dolan looks out for our region’s interests. For that, Portman deserves the credit and Dolan will get my vote.

Robert C. Smith