Rebuilding Ohio’s Infrastructure

A state with strong infrastructure attracts economic opportunities. I supported the commonsense infrastructure bill that is presently funding long overdue repairs on Brent Spence Bridge, modernizing Ohio’s roads and airports, extending the Appalachian Highway Development System and improving broadband for tele-health, agriculture and learning. In the U.S. Senate, I will oppose bloated Democrat wish lists that contribute to our nation’s debt while also keeping up the fight for targeted infrastructure that is paid for, does not contribute to inflation and sustains Ohio energy production to boost economic growth and American competitiveness against China.

  • Dolan fought to secure over $1 billion in targeted one-time infrastructure funding for local demolition and revitalization projects, brownfield remediation, water and sewage infrastructure and broadband support.
  • Dolan delivered over $170 million in capital dollars for community-based projects across Ohio to support parks, schools and local priorities.
  • Dolan worked on the two-year transportation budget to invest over $8 billion to fund the construction and maintenance of the state’s transportation system.