Protecting the Second Amendment

Having the same, one-size-fits-all gun laws apply to New Yorkers, Ohioans and Texans is nuts. It’s an invasion of rights and liberties explicitly afforded by the Constitution. Liberals will stop at nothing to grab our guns. In the U.S. Senate, just as I did in Ohio, I will work with local law enforcement to ensure not only safe homes, schools and communities, but also iron-clad protections of our Second Amendment rights and the honor and traditions we hold dear.

  • Dolan co-sponsored the Castle Doctrine giving Ohioans the right to self-defense in their own home.
  • Dolan regularly voted for pro-Second Amendment bills, including expanding an individual’s right to bear arms and state preemption of local firearm regulations.
  • Dolan helped establish the apprentice hunting license.
  • Dolan voted to keep firearm dealers open during pandemic-related shutdowns.
  • Dolan co-sponsored legislation that expands and updates concealed carry license rules for veterans.
  • Dolan voted to prevent governments from limiting the right of Ohioans to possess and carry knives.
  • Dolan voted to protect Second Amendment rights during a state of emergency and prohibit state and local governments from confiscating firearms.
  • Dolan voted to make Ohio a permitless carry state – allowing Ohioans the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.