Protecting Election Integrity

Elections are sacrosanct in our Republic. It’s how we protect our freedom and hold leaders to account for their actions. Ohio has a first-rate election system with exceedingly rare instances of voter fraud. Other states cannot say the same. I strongly support Voter ID and upholding accurate roles. I will stand in opposition to any federal law that loosens or undermines the integrity and strength of Ohio’s independent election system.

  • Dolan voted to urge the U.S. Congress to reject Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer’s unconstitutional overreach into state elections (federal bill HR 1).
  • Dolan voted to protect Ohio’s rights in elections, noting that the Ohio Legislature is the only body that can set the time, place and manner of our elections.
  • Dolan voted to invest over $100 million to improve the transparency and accountability of elections in Ohio, making them the most secure in America.
  • Dolan voted to provide enhanced security to the electoral process.