Piqua, OH Letter: “Vote for Matt Dolan for the U.S. Senate”

Matt Dolan is running for the United States Senate and has been a State Senator and Chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee. Dolan has reduced the size and scope of government and delivered record-breaking tax cuts to Ohio families and businesses. Dolan’s most recent budget earned wide praise from state and national organizations.

Dolan began as Assistant State Attorney General and later as Chief Assistant Prosecutor for Geauga County. Senator Dolan’s private sector experience includes being a partner at the law firm in his hometown of Chardon, Ohio, as well as Vice-President of 7th Avenue Management. Dolan is familiar with education in Ohio serving as an adjunct professor at the Case Western Reserve School of Law and Kent State University’s Geauga Campus.

Dolan has the backing of law enforcement and responders compared Ohio’s deterrents who want to defund the police. “As a prosecutor and member of Ohio’s General Assembly, I have always supported our police and first responders. In my career, I have routinely met with law enforcement officials across Ohio and will always stand with the individuals protecting our communities. In the U.S. Senate, I will unapologetically BACK THE BLUE and stop any attempt to defund the police.”

Additionally, Dolan established a local law enforcement training program and invested $15 million to fund it and protect local communities from violent crime.” He also co-sponsored a bill to align Ohio’s criminal background check system with federal law and supported many other law and protection bills affecting our hometown security.

This State Senator’s work includes promoting legislation that provide investments from inside and outside our state, while noting the conducive economic climate of Ohio with low taxes, less regulations, and constant improvement of Ohio’s workforce and training programs.

Dolan has worked in the State Senate to sustain Ohio’s water quality. In particular, Dolan has worked to preserve, promote, and protect Lake Erie.

I would encourage you to vote for Matt Dolan for the U.S. Senate, in early voting going on right now in Miami County, because of his background and experience in understanding Ohio’s needs and with his special interest in law enforcement and communities’ security, education, and concern about making sure our police and first responders have what they need and are there to protect us if the need arises.

Terry D. Wright
Piqua, OH

The previous letter was submitted to Miami Valley Today on April 7, 2022 for publication.