#OhioFirst Week in Review

It was a busy week on the trail with a new endorsement for Matt Dolan and his grassroots-driven campaign. Matt’s #OhioMatters Town Hall Series rolled into packed venues in Tiffin and Columbus, and “carved out his position” in the “Ohio lane” of the U.S. Senate Republican Primary after a strong performance in Sunday’s debate at the CCV American Leadership Forum in Westerville.

The Columbus Dispatch was quick to note following the candidate forum that “Dolan distinguished himself from his opponents right out of the gate.” Matt’s support of commonsense infrastructure improvements to rural broadband, Brent Spence Bridge, the Appalachian Development Highway System, and other hard assets is a clear contrast with opponents who routinely tout the fact that would have voted against these vital economic benefits.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer noted that while all of the candidates on Sunday shared similar views, the “one major exception” was Matt Dolan. “Dolan presented himself as an experienced, practical politician who would get things done and attract independent voters in November. He is the only candidate supporting the infrastructure bill negotiated by [Rob] Portman…”

And Darrel Rowland with The Columbus Dispatch summed up Dolan’s campaign strategy in his column on Thursday: “Folks, it is easy to get you riled up by defining the problem. Even better, send someone to Washington like me who knows how to address the problem.” He also highlighted the comment from one debate watcher that “Dolan is the only sane one there.”

This morning, Matt joined Hugh Hewitt’s radio show for a debrief on the CCV Forum. Matt discussed, in detail, how he stood up to China’s attempt to secure Great Lakes water when he helped design and implement the Great Lakes Compact. Dolan also spoke of how his support for the Cleveland Browns relates to his candidacy:

Hugh HewittI loved your line that you felt like a Browns fan at Three Rivers [Stadium]. Are you going over to FirstEnergy [Stadium] this weekend for Steelers weekend, Senator Matt Dolan? 

Matt Dolan…I said that remark not just because of maybe I wasn’t getting as many claps as everybody else, but the idea that no matter where I am and no matter what environment, I’m going to be true to who I am. So, I’m going to be a Browns fan in the Steelers park and the Ravens park. I am going to tell Ohioans what I can do for them no matter what the audience is or who. I’m not playing to the audience. I’m allowing the audience to hear from me. 

On Wednesday, Matt hosted his second #OhioMatters Town Hall in as many days at Classic’s Victory’s in Columbus. Matt delivered brief remarks and took an hour of questions on a range of critical issues. CapCity Young Republicans President Kevin Shimp was also on hand and proudly delivered his strong endorsement of Matt, noting, “We know Matt in Columbus. He is a conservative who can be counted upon to get things done.”

Matt hosted a packed #OhioMatters Town Hall in Seneca County earlier this week. For over an hour, questions covered a wide range of important issue topics: federal COVID regulations, protecting the Second Amendment, enhanced rural broadband, free speech on college campuses, strengthening border security, addressing inflation, protecting life, national debt reduction and protecting states’ rights. It was also great to spend time with the Tiffin College Republicans, who are fired up for the elections next Tuesday and in 2022!

Matt visited Ashland County for the Ashland County Republican Party’s Ox roast and candidate forum. Chairman Chris Tunnell’s message on the importance of showing up, answering questions and engaging the grassroots is critical to achieving victory.

Matt was in Cleveland on Saturday with friends and supporters from Geauga, Lake and Cuyahoga Counties for the Tri County Ohio Senate Candidate Forum. Chairs Lisa Stickan, Dale Fellows and Nancy McArthur did a great job hosting an energized and issue-focused event.

On Thursday, Matt attended the Greater Akron Chamber’s U.S. Senate Forum touched upon vital policy areas capable of strengthening Ohio job creation, economic productivity & wages. As the only conservative Republican candidate who is both an experienced business owner and policymaker who has cut taxes, regulation and bureaucracy, Matt is committed to stopping the Biden agenda in its tracks and making Ohio & America better places in which to do business.

Have a great weekend!

The #OhioFirst Team