#OhioFirst Week in Review: November 5, 2021

#OhioFirst Week in Review 
November 5, 2021

It was a busy week on the campaign trail for Matt Dolan and the #OhioFirst campaign team. Tuesday night’s election results made it clear that Republicans have enthusiasm on their side and that conservative candidates who focus on substance and issues are primed for victory in 2022!

On Tuesday, before heading to Columbus for legislative session, Matt and Jessica voted at Chagrin Falls High School. Matt stressed how important it is to exercise your civic duty. Voting this week helped to bring more accountability to our schools and build safer, stronger communities across Ohio.

Matt had a great time meeting with members of the Ohio Federation of Republican Women in Aurora at their annual dinner.  It is clear that Republican women are energized and ready to keep Ohio red in 2022!

While other candidates were charging Ohioans and major donors inordinate sums for dinner, Matt launched his #DinnerWithDolan fundraising campaign. Anyone who contributes $5 to Matt’s #OhioFirst campaign this month is entered to grab dinner with Matt at their favorite local joint. Matt is a loyal Bob Evans guy, but you could hit Packo’s in Toledo, Skyline in Cincy, City Barbeque in Newark, or even a personal favorite, the Hot Dog Shoppe in Warren…

Matt’s #OhioMatters Town Hall Tour will be rolling into Bobcat County next week. On Monday at 5p.m., Matt will host southeast Ohio Republicans in Athens! You can learn more about the event and when Matt will be in your area by visiting www.dolanforohio.com/OhioMatters.

Have a great weekend!

The #OhioFirst Team