#OhioFirst Week in Review: December 24, 2021

#OhioFirst Week in Review 
December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas Eve from the #OhioFirst team!

This was another busy week on the trail for Matt and the entire Dolan for Ohio campaign team.

Last weekend came news that Joe Biden’s reckless #BuildBackBroke agenda was derailed in the U.S. Senate. Matt wasted no time in laying the stakes of what is to come:

Matt was also quick to highlight Tim Ryan’s response encouraging Manchin to backtrack and pass the radical tax and spending bill. Matt called out Tim Ryan for siding with Joe Biden and the Squad instead of his Ohio constituents.

What’s clear about the Democrats’ failure to pass BBB, is that it was never tied to the commonsense, targeted infrastructure bill that was negotiated and passed by Senator Rob Portman last summer. Every other Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate opposed the funding and jobs that will be headed to Ohio to improve the quality of our roads, bridges, airports, rail and broadband. Matt discussed this and other important topics in detail with Hugh Hewitt on his national radio program this week.

You can listen to the entire nationally syndicated radio interview by clicking HERE

Grassroots supporters and reporters across Ohio took note of Matt’s appeal for stronger border security and standing up for the Constitution. Matt views these as policy items of central importance to his candidacy.

Following a full slate of supporter meetings in Cincinnati on Monday, Matt capped off the day in Powell at the Dublin Republican Club’s Christmas Party. He shared his thanks with Club President Shawn Parker for hosting a festive and patriotic celebration!

This week, Matt also attended the American Nationalities Movement’s celebration of Christmas in Parma. Matt said they were a fantastic organization that celebrates and appreciates America’s freedom all year round.

From Matt and the #OhioFirst campaign team, we hope everyone has a safe and very Merry Christmas with their family and friends.


We will see you in the New Year!

-The #OhioFirst Team