Ohio Sheriffs Burchett, Frye, Vorhees Endorse Dolan for U.S. Senate

Dolan Expands Law Enforcement Coalition to Include Auglaize, Clark & Shelby Counties

Cleveland, OH: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan today received the endorsement of Clark County Sheriff Deb Burchett, Shelby County Sheriff Jim Frye and Auglaize County Sheriff Mike Vorhees. Today’s announcement brings to 20 the number of elected Law Enforcement Coalition Members in support of Matt Dolan’s candidacy.

“I’m proud to announce new endorsements from prominent members of Ohio’s Law Enforcement community. As a State Senator, I have made funding Ohio’s sheriffs and police departments a priority. In the U.S. Senate, I will oppose any effort by Democrats to restrain the ability of our nation’s law enforcement community to keep Ohio and America safe,” said Matt Dolan.

Dolan and the officers will meet regularly to discuss policy issues and challenges confronting Ohio law enforcement and the federal solutions capable of addressing public safety, crime reduction, and mental health.

“Matt Dolan possesses a strong record of conservative accomplishment, including championing the rule of law, funding for Ohio Law Enforcement and working to keep all Ohioans safe. Matt Dolan is focused on real policy solutions, including efforts that will secure the border, sustain and enhance the rule of law, improve mental health support and fight the scourge of deadly fentanyl in our communities. Matt is committed to putting Ohio first and that’s why we support Matt Dolan for U.S. Senate,” law enforcement officers said in a joint statement.

Sheriffs Burchette, Frye and Vorhees join 17 other Ohio sheriffs who have publicly endorsed Matt Dolan’s candidacy for U.S. Senate, including Logan County Sheriff Randall Dodds, Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart, Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser, Hancock County Sheriff Michael Heldman, Lake County Sheriff Frank Leonbruno, Belmont County Sheriff David Lucas, Knox County Prosecutor Chip McConville, Morgan County Sheriff Doug McGrath, Champaign County Sheriff Matt Melvin, Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks, Ashtabula County Sheriff Bill Niemi, Union County Sheriff Jamie Patton, Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer, Lorain County Sheriff Phil Stammitti, Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth, Madison County Sheriff John Swaney, and Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp.

The following list includes examples of Matt Dolan’s work in support of Ohio’s law enforcement community.

  • Dolan established a local law enforcement training program and invested $15 million to fund it and protect local communities from violent crime.
  • Dolan co-sponsored a bill to establish May 24th as Ohio’s First Responders’ Appreciation Day.
  • Dolan empowered local law enforcement to keep human traffickers off the street by increasing penalties on repeat offenders.
  • Dolan worked with religious organizations and law enforcement to obtain funding to secure and protect houses of worship and faith-based non-profits across Ohio.
  • Dolan co-sponsored a bill to align Ohio’s criminal background check system with federal law.
  • Dolan led the charge on legislation that invested $250 million for Ohio’s police officers and first responders, local schools, childcare facilities and healthcare workers across our state to continue economic recovery.
  • Dolan was recognized by the Ohio Domestic Violence Network as a champion and advocate for victims of domestic violence in 2021.

Learn more about Matt Dolan’s campaign for U.S. Senate at www.dolanforohio.com.