Ohio Republican Women Launch “Women for Matt” Coalition

Columbus, OH – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan today announced his statewide “Women for Matt” Coalition. Initially comprised of more than 150 women leaders, activists, and elected officials from every region of Ohio, the coalition will advocate in support of Matt’s candidacy in advance of the March 19 U.S. Senate Primary. Women for Matt Coalition members signed on to the following joint statement:

“The challenges that confront America today require new leadership and public leaders with an established track record of results. Matt Dolan has demonstrated a deep understanding of the issues that matter most to women, including economic empowerment, security, education and protecting parents’ rights. His integrity, track record of bipartisan collaboration and dedication to finding common-sense solutions aligns with our desire to build a stronger future for all Ohioans and we proudly support his candidacy for U.S. Senate.”

“I’m honored to have the support of women from across Ohio as members of our team,” said Matt Dolan. “Workers, businesses and families in Ohio are struggling as a result of Joe Biden’s failed economic policies. I’m committed to achieving real results that reduce costs, empower parents, and improve safety and security inside our local communities.”

The Women for Matt Coalition includes many notable public figures such as Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn, Jane Portman, former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery and many more.

Women for Matt Coalition Membership

Cindy Abahazi, Lorain County
Joan Andrews, Cuyahoga County
Lynette Angell, Gallia County
Fmr. Rep. Marlene Anielski, Cuyahoga County
Kathleen Armstrong, Summit County
Vice Mayor Kate Baker, Montgomery County
Elizabeth Baumgartner, Franklin County
Debbie Blair, Geauga County
Heather Blessing, Hamilton County
Mayor Pam Bobst, Cuyahoga County
Fiscal Officer Beth Boles, Cuyahoga County
Nataliya Bondarenko, Cuyahoga County
Chrisy Bowen Wright, Franklin County
Judy Brachman, Franklin County
Louise Brick, Geauga County
Joan Brosius, Geauga County
Cheryl Buckland, Hancock County
Megan Burke-Bonilla, Mercer County
Fmr. State Central Cmte. Sandy Calvert, Medina County
Jenny Camper, Fairfield County
Katherine Caprez, Franklin County
Fmr. Mayor Lydia Champlin, Cuyahoga County
Kathleen Chapman, Cuyahoga County
Commissioner Sabrina Christian Bennett, Portage County
Lori J. Cline, Franklin County
Karen Conaway, Columbiana County
Donna Conry, Cuyahoga County
Kim Cosgrove, Lake County
Diane Cox, Lorain County
Deborah Crawford, Cuyahoga County
Lynne Crow, Franklin County
Laurie Dean, Cuyahoga County
Marilena DiSilvio, Cuyahoga County
Jessica Dolan, Cuyahoga County
Eva Dolan, Geauga County
Karen Dolan, Geauga County
Darcy Downie, Cuyahoga County
Sereana Dresbach, Pickaway County
Velva Dunn, Delaware County
Commissioner Julie Ehemann, Shelby County
Val Emmert, Portage County
Catheryn Ensign Schmidt, Cuyahoga County
Gretchen Exline, Geauga County
Maryann Fallon, Lorain County
Deborah Fedor, Cuyahoga County
Sally Florkiewicz, Cuyahoga County
Kristi Fox, Summit County
Sally Gallik, Cuyahoga County
Elise Geig, Franklin County
Vicki Giambrone, Greene County
Angie Giancola, Cuyahoga County
Connie Gleason, Cuyahoga County
Kathy Goss, Cuyahoga County
Sarah Grant, Hancock County
Ebony F. Grantonz, Cuyahoga County
Marybeth Hammond, Hancock County
Beth Hansen, Franklin County
Judith Harvey, Geauga County
Dee Haslam, Cuyahoga County
Sally Heckman, Licking County
Lauren Heldman, Hancock County
Mychael C. Henderson, Cuyahoga County
Councilwoman Cheri Hottinger, Licking County
Councilwoman Christine Houk, Franklin County
Nicole Howell, Cuyahoga County
Cindy Hughes, Portage County
Commissioner Michelle Hung, Lorain County
Jan Jones, Cuyahoga County
Terri Jones, Cuyahoga County
Holly Kastan, Franklin County
Councilwoman Belinda Kenley, Montgomery County
Bev Kibler, Portage County
Julie Kirk, Franklin County
Marcia Klein-Ryan, Miami County
Sue Knirsch, Cuyahoga County
Nancy Koons, Geauga County
Bridget Kopcho, Lorain County
Gerry Koprowski, Geauga County
Eileen Kramer, Lorain County
Laura Lamb, Cuyahoga County
Patricia Leech, Geauga County
Mayor Peggy Lehner, Montgomery County
Cai Li, Cuyahoga County
Marta Liscynesky Kelleher, Cuyahoga County
Katherine Lloyd, Geauga County
Jennifer LuPiba, Franklin County
Charlotte Maggard, Portage County
Rep. Gayle Manning, Lorain County
Lisa Marcelli, Lake County
Jill McDonald, Licking County
Mindy McLaughlin, Cuyahoga County
Toddy McMonagle, Geauga County
Mary Mertz, Franklin County
Maryann Meyer, Mahoning County
Margaret Lynn Miller, Geauga County
Barbara Mills, Montgomery County
Atty. General Betty Montgomery, Licking County
Tierra Morrison, Cuyahoga County
Mayor Christina Muryn, Hancock County
Jody O’Brien, Hancock County
Heather O’Brien, Summit County
Connie O’Conke, Portage County
Fmr. Councilwoman Kathy O’Donnell, Geauga County
Kim O’Malley, Cuyahoga County
Patricia Papesh, Geauga County
Nancy Patterson, Geauga County
Michelle Patton, Union County
Alex Penrod, Franklin County
Jody Penrod, Delaware County
Mary Ann Ponce, Cuyahoga County
Jane Portman, Hamilton County
Julie Price, Licking County
Mirta Prior Cuyahoga County
Dora Pruce, Cuyahoga County
Patricia Quinn, Cuyahoga County
Ginni Ragan, Franklin County
Kaye Ranke, Cuyahoga County
Bev Raptoulis, Fairfield County
Melony Rarick, Fairfield County
Kelly Reynolds, Greene County
Auditor Tiffany Ridgeway, Jackson County
Nancy Riggs, Butler County
Meghan Roddy, Cuyahoga County
Councilwoman Nancy Rogoff, Cuyahoga County
Council Pres. Jaclyn Rohaly, Fairfield County
Jackie Rohr, Cuyahoga County
Jo Royer, Geauga County
Amy Sabath, Lake County
Mary Sabin, Lucas County
Gail Schmidt, Cuyahoga County
Fmr. Mayor Karen Schneider, Cuyahoga County
Mary Ellen Schron, Cuyahoga County
Nicole Schultz, Fairfield County
Sue Scott Tinlin, Portage County
Astri Seidenfeld, Cuyahoga County
Shirley Shepard, Fairfield County
Melissa Shimp, Delaware County
Linda Shuster, Cuyahoga County
Rebecca Simon, Franklin County
Jennifer Sitterley, Fairfield County
Linda Steimle, Cuyahoga County
Linda Stickney, Franklin County
Sally Storad, Tuscarawas County
Amanda Styles, Lake County
Exec. Chair Karen Swan, Geauga County
Holly Swartz, Mahoning County
Katie Tingler, Trumbull County
Joy Totedo, Lake County
Sarah Totedo, Franklin County
Marcia Totedo, Lake County
Jackie VanSkyhock, Cuyahoga County
Neille Vitale, Summit County
Beth Waldren, Delaware County
Sarah Wallace, Licking County
Mayor Christie Ward, Franklin County
Ginger Warner, Hamilton County
Rebecca Watts, Cuyahoga County
Diane Weber, Cuyahoga County
Kathie Williams, Cuyahoga County
Brittany Williams, Cuyahoga County
Jill Wilson, Warren County
Mayor Ann Womer-Benjamin, Portage County
Pam Wurster, Cuyahoga County
Kitty Zwissler, Licking County

For more information on Matt Dolan’s campaign for U.S. Senate, visit www.dolanforohio.com.