Newark Advocate Letter: Hottinger supports Dolan for U.S. Senate

The Newark Advocate LTE

I am thrilled that my friend and colleague, Matt Dolan, has officially announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate. His style and substantive focus on the issues will elevate the tenor of a race that has lacked seriousness to date. Matt also offers Ohio Republicans a choice of someone who is conservative, results-oriented and driven to stand up for our conservative interests in Washington, D.C.

Nobody in this race has a record of success that matches those of Dolan. I know this because I serve alongside him in the State Senate.

When it comes to fighting for his own principles, including smaller government, lower taxes and individual freedom, Matt has earned his stripes.

I look forward to watching Matt shift the discussion in the U.S. Senate race to the issues that actually matter to the people of Ohio. Undoubtedly, our state will be better for it.

Ohio Sen. Jay Hottinger, R-Newark