National Review: “Ohio’s Admirably Conservative Budget”

In case you missed it, praise continues to roll in for the bold conservative reform initiatives authored and championed by Matt Dolan and Ohio Republicans in the recently passed state operating budget.

The latest voice to join the chorus is National Review, who spotlighted public reports of the contents of Ohio’s operating budget:

“It’s easy to be distraught by the national-level Republican Party. But look to the states, and you will find Republicans making positive reforms from sea to shining sea. The budget that Ohio Republicans recently passed is yet another example of good policy from the states… this budget is what conservatives should want from state government. Ohio is joining Florida as a populous, former swing state with effective Republican governance that is putting conservative ideas into practice. Don’t let the federal government get you down.”

Matt Dolan, as Senate Finance Chair, was singled out for praise during the budget process by numerous national and in-state organizations, including Americans for Tax, Americans for Prosperity Ohio and the Buckeye Institute in recent weeks.

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