Matt Dolan Statement on President Biden’s Address on the Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine

Chagrin Falls, OH – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan today released the following statement in response to Joe Biden’s remarks on the escalating crisis in Eastern Europe.

“Vladimir Putin must understand that military aggression against Ukraine will be met with swift and severe consequences by America and her allies. I support providing enhanced defensive infrastructure, humanitarian relief and financial support to Ukraine, as well as stronger, proactive economic sanctions that directly target Russian assets and oligarchs.

“Joe Biden’s ill-conceived policies, from opposition to Republican sanctions on Nord Stream 2 and undermining domestic energy production, provide Russia with economic security as energy prices continue to rise on American families. From leaving Americans and allies behind during the disastrously conceived withdrawal from Afghanistan to the spending cuts of his national defense budget and signaling that a ‘small invasion’ may be acceptable, the President’s actions project weakness and timidity to our adversaries. China is also paying attention to Biden’s weakness, and Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have heard him loud and clear.”