Matt Dolan Statement on Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address

“Our citizens are looking for results that protect their families and improve their lives.”

Cleveland, OH: U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan tonight released the following statement in response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address.

“President Biden’s speech tonight was full of rhetoric and promises, but it came up short on addressing the concerns of the American people. The devastating impact of inflation and an unsecure southern border are being felt every day in Ohio.

“Working families know their grocery bills are higher, mortgage payments are more expensive, and wages are failing to keep up with their household budget. The administration’s refusal to take commonsense steps to address the border crisis and restore energy independence make America less secure and more susceptible to foreign dictators and markets.

“Ohio was prominently featured in tonight’s speech; and rightly so. Intel selected Ohio because we set aside partisanship to reduce taxes and regulations, improve workforce development, and provide the necessary infrastructure to launch the Silicon Heartland. President Biden is all too happy to take credit, but it was results-oriented policy and state leadership from our Governor and Legislature that got the job done.

“A speech about unity and bipartisanship is also meaningless when in practice Joe Biden refuses to negotiate with Republicans on the alarming debt crisis confronting America. Our citizens are looking for results that protect their families and improve their lives. I will work every day to solve these problems, to create opportunities, and to help Ohio’s hardworking taxpayers achieve the American Dream.”

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