Matt Dolan Op-Ed: Joe Biden’s awful energy policy handing big win to Putin, Russian oligarchs

In case you missed it, Matt Dolan is out with his third op-ed in as many weeks. This morning, in The Columbus Dispatch,  Matt wrote about why the partisan efforts by Democrats to shut down Line 5 and pass reckless Green New Deal policies, would cost Ohio jobs, increase energy costs for consumers, weaken America’s national security and embolden authoritarian regimes in Russia and China. The op-ed comes days after Russia and Chinese Communist Party announced a pact against America and western countries.

“When Joe Biden entered office, the U.S. was a net energy exporter for the first time since the 1950s.

“We had record oil and gas production and a decade of declines in emissions due largely to increased extraction of natural gas.

“The U.S. was proving to the world what was once thought to be impossible: you could increase energy production and reduce emissions at the same time.

“Instead of further advancing the strong, incentive-driven energy policies of Donald Trump, Democrats at the state and federal level are seeking to stall North American energy production to the benefit of Russia and China.

“Biden has been in office a little more than one year, and in that time he has killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, proceeded with banning drilling leases on federal land and pushed the irresponsible Build Back Better Act, which restricts access to energy resources in Alaska and on the Outer Continental Shelf.

“The Biden Administration has also done nothing to stop Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s attempts to shutdown Line 5, which would have a detrimental impact on workers and the local economy in Ohio.

“These actions were pursued in the name of reducing emissions, yet the fact is that U.S. emissions have increased 5 percent since Biden entered office.”

“Our nation’s energy policy over the past 12 months has not only hurt U.S. workers, consumers and businesses by limiting energy production, but has actually strengthened Putin’s power by making Russian production and their so-called “pipeline diplomacy” even more potent in the global energy game.

“Putin now threatens Ukraine with invasion and is demanding that America and our allies withdraw NATO forces from Eastern Europe.

“The Russians also sought approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was established to make Germany and Eastern Europe more dependent on Russian natural gas imports. When Republicans in Congress attempted to slap sanctionson the Russian pipeline, it was blocked byBiden and Democrats.

“Now, there are reports of Russia limiting natural gas imports to Europe during the winter heating season to maximize their geopolitical leverage. While Russia will be losing out on some exports to Europe, they can afford this kind of action since the Chinese Communist Party is increasingly buying large amounts of Russian oil and gas to secure their own energy needs.

“One authoritarian regime bankrolling another. Each sharing a healthy appetite for land grabs and expansion.”

“U.S. energy independence is more than a slogan, it’s an indispensable economic tool in the arsenal of democracy. The ability of American workers, industry and suppliers to export energy to allied nations helps them maintain freedom from the growing shadow cast by dictators like Xi Jinping and Putin.”

Read the op-ed online HERE.

Dolan also recently penned an op-ed in The Cincinnati Enquirer focused on America’s new cold war with China.  These pieces are the latest example of Dolan’s commitment to focusing on the issues of high importance to Ohio. As previously reported by The Toledo Blade“Dolan is the only Republican in the vicinity of the race talking so directly about things like jobs, security, and education in terms of action in Washington.”

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