Matt Dolan Op-Ed: America engaged in new cold war with China

Timed to coincide with the launch of the campaign’s TV ad, entitled “Cold War“, Matt penned an op-ed published in  Cincinnati Enquirer highlighting his laser focus on policies that will strengthen Ohio and our nation. To compete with China, and hold the CCP accountable for their provocations and human rights abuses, Matt wrote that it will take the full range of U.S. power projection. This week’s massive $20 billion Intel announcement in Central Ohio is the latest example that Ohio – our people, our industries, our resources – can help lead the charge.

“Fifty years ago this month, the United States opened the door to relations with China. Since then, Beijing has incrementally sought to displace America as the world’s leading economic and military power … America is in a new cold war.

“What began as a manufacturing battle waged on factory floors in Dayton and Youngstown, has turned into full-blown effort by the communist regime to undermine our way of life. Now China’s expansionist aims are coming for more than our jobs and intellectual property.

“This is concerning because what we have witnessed from the Biden administration of late has been a projection of weakness on the world stage. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, China’s ‘Sputnik moment’ hypersonic missile which caught U.S. Intelligence by surprise, out-of-control spending driving inflation, stalled bilateral tariff negotiations following President Trump’s successful Phase One Trade Agreement, even President Biden’s recent tirade branding commonsense election laws in states such as Ohio to “Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” each embolden Chinese assertions the U.S. system is in decline.

“Intel’s recent announcement that the chip manufacturer plans to invest $20 billion in central Ohio semiconductor facilities, the largest economic development project in state history, will bolster U.S. national security and competitiveness on the world stage.

“Meeting the evolving national security challenges posed by China require these kinds of investments in our economy, job growth, innovation and alliance building we have not seen since the height of our conflict with the Soviet Union. This cold war is not a choice. We have work to do to renew American strength, democracy and a brighter future for Ohio. America needs serious, engaged leaders willing to do it.

To read the full op-ed from the Cincinnati Enquirer, click here.