Matt Dolan Launches First Statewide Television Ad

U.S. Senate Candidate Highlights Chinese Communist Party’s Threat to U.S. Economic & National Security 

Chagrin Falls, OH – Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Matt Dolan today announced the launch of “Cold War,” the first ad of his U.S. Senate campaign. The commercial showcases the increasingly hostile threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to Ohio and America, along with Dolan’s priorities in the U.S. Senate. The commercial, which will run on broadcast, statewide cable and digital platforms, is part of an initial $1.7 million ad buy.

“What began as a manufacturing battle waged on Ohio’s factory floors, has turned into a full-blown effort by the communist regime to undermine our way of life. China’s military and economic provocations make clear we are in a new cold war. Joe Biden’s failures have spurred crisis after crisis and project weakness on the world stage. Meeting the evolving national security challenges posed by China requires new leadership with a focus of driving investments in our economy, job creation, innovation and alliance building we have not seen since the height of our conflict with the Soviet Union. We must renew our sense of purpose to strengthen our nation, American democracy and a brighter future for Ohio,” said Matt Dolan

Script for “Cold War” (TV:30):

We are in a cold war, this time with China.

And it’s not just being fought on factory floors because China wants to dominate the world economically and militarily.

Washington has caused this, and Joe Biden’s weakness makes it even worse.

My priority in the U.S. Senate is to defeat communist China by bringing back our jobs and renewing our strength in the world.

Our economic and national security depend on it. 

I’m Matt Dolan and I approve this message.

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