Matt Dolan Launches “Blind Loyalty Brown” Digital Ad Campaign

Cleveland, OH:
U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan launched a digital ad campaign Thursday highlighting Sherrod Brown’s blind loyalty to his party. Despite the recent assertions of left-wing PACs and Ohio Democrats, analysts have found that Brown votes with Joe Biden 98.5% of the time. The ad campaign, running on digital platforms, calls on Ohio voters to visit and sign a petition to “send a message to Sherrod Brown’s liberal, out-of-state allies that anyone who votes with Joe Biden more than 98% of the time is no ‘independent.’”

“Liberal PACs and partisan left-wing organizations are smearing me and fellow conservatives in Ohio because they cannot defend Sherrod Brown’s liberal record. They claim there’s no proof that Sherrod Brown is blindly loyal to his party. Well, we have the receipts,” Matt Dolan said. “For years, Sherrod Brown has said one thing to Ohioans and then voted against our interests in the U.S. Senate. He claims to be a champion of workers, but he votes in lockstep with Joe Biden more than 98% of the time to undermine the national security of our nation and the financial security of working families. Sherrod Brown doesn’t understand that Ohioans want security, not a federal government that opens our borders, contributes to inflation and demonizes our police. Enough is enough, I’m running for Senate to confront the big challenges Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden have kicked down the road for a generation. I have a proven conservative record of success that has yielded results for Ohio families, workers and businesses.”

On Feb. 8, Welcome PAC, a liberal special interest group organized and funded from outside Ohio, attacked Matt Dolan in a Columbus Dispatch op-ed. In it, they describe Sherrod Brown as an “independent Democrat,” and said that there was no proof that Sherrod Brown had “blind loyalty” to his party. includes recently documented instances of Sherrod Brown placing party loyalty before Ohio’s interests. Whether floating his name for president or running for reelection in Ohio, Brown has stated publicly that he wants to end the filibuster and potentially increase the number of seats on the Supreme Court to remove any restraints on his far-left, radical policy agenda.


The Sherrod “Blind Loyalty” Brown Facts:

Sherrod Brown votes with Joe Biden 98.5% of the time. (FiveThirtyEight, Senate Scorecard, Accessed 2/10/23)

Sherrod Brown wants to “end the filibuster” to ram his party’s radical agenda through the U.S. Senate. ( Website, Accessed 2/10/23)

To advance his party’s far-left policies, Sherrod Brown is open to expanding the size of the Supreme Court to install far-left activist judges. (MSNBC Interview, 10/26/2020)

Sherrod Brown is ignorant to the chaos and security crisis at America’s southern border caused by Joe Biden’s policy agenda. He claims that border security is a “far-right” issue. (NBC Meet the Press Interview, 12/18/22)

Sherrod Brown blindly supports Kamala Harris’s reckless proposal to socialize our health care system through the elimination of private health insurance. (MSNBC Interview, 1/29/2019)

Sherrod Brown wants to undermine American energy independence and Ohio energy jobs. (CNN Interview,10/30/2020)

Brown criticized the influence of corporate PACs, rejecting the notion of accepting their money. Now he’s taking millions of dollars in corporate PAC money to fund his Senate campaign. (Daily Beast, 2/6/2023)

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