Matt Dolan Files Petitions to Run for U.S. Senate

Pledges to ensure the focus of the race is on building a stronger Ohio and safer America

Columbus, OH: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan filed his petitions today to run for United States Senate.

“Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown’s leftist agenda has created a state of crisis in America. Our sovereignty is under threat, our economy is under stress and our safety at home and abroad is at risk. Ohioans want a problem solver who has successfully faced challenges impacting our quality of life, not the political blame game that lacks commonsense solutions. I have a proven conservative record of success to meet this moment and to get to work on my first day in the U.S. Senate to building a stronger Ohio and more prosperous, safer America,” Matt Dolan said.


Two recent Emerson surveys (October, November) indicated that Matt Dolan is the Republican candidate who runs strongest against Sherrod Brown. According to the candidates’ third-quarter filings, Dolan approaches the end of the year with more cash on hand than Bernie Moreno and Frank LaRose combined.

Since entering the race, Bernie Moreno and Frank LaRose have routinely broken their promises to voters and committed gaffes that place Republican efforts to defeat Sherrod Brown and take back the U.S. Senate in jeopardy. They lack judgement, a consistent set of conservative principles and the experience needed to fight and get results for Ohio.

Despite Frank LaRose’s standing as a statewide officeholder, he continues to underperform with primary votes. That is reflected in third-party surveys where Dolan and LaRose remain statistically tied. In every public survey taken to date, Bernie Moreno places a distant third in the contest and is the worst performing Republican against Sherrod Brown.

Frequent missteps and campaign shortfalls continue to plague the Moreno and LaRose campaigns.

Cook Political Report on the Ohio Senate Contest

  • Matt Dolan is the “most formidable” candidate against Sherrod Brown.
  • Bernie Moreno’s “campaign trail inexperience was on display just days into his candidacy … Ohio Republicans we talked to saw it as a warning sign he may not be ready for primetime … Moreno has never been a real candidate and he could be mistake-prone…”
  • Frank LaRose “has a long history as a self-described ‘pragmatic moderate’… LaRose is also expected to join the fray, but the ideological chameleon could have issues competing with two self-funders.”