Letter: Reader backs ‘proven and experienced’ Matt Dolan for US Senate

The Columbus Dispatch LTE

With local elections now behind us, many in Ohio will begin to turn their focus to the political calendar in 2022. No race looms larger than the contest for U.S. Senate.

Matt Dolan, a conservative Republican, was recently in Columbus hosting a town hall forum with the CapCity Young Republicans, a group I lead. He answered questions for an hour and didn’t shy away from anything that was asked of him.

One area of focus that stuck out was his support of the federal infrastructure plan that would provide billions of dollars for Ohio’s roads and bridges and improve the quality of life for every Columbus resident who has ever spent time in traffic. Supporting the infrastructure bill is a big deal because Ohio is a major hub of interstate and international transit. If we upgrade our infrastructure, we can bring more jobs, more businesses and more revenue to Ohio.

On the campaign trail, we have heard a lot about fighting for Ohio, but talk is cheap. The truth is that Matt Dolan is the only candidate who has illustrated his ability to actually cut your taxes, reduce the size of government, and protect the First Amendment.

I support Matt because he is a proven and experienced legislator who gets results. That’s something all Ohioans would be wise to support in 2022.

Kevin Shimp, Columbus