Jo Ann Davidson Endorses Matt Dolan for U.S. Senate

Columbus, OH:  U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan this morning announced the support and endorsement of fmr. Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson. Over the course of six decades of public service to the people of Ohio, Davidson served as a City Councilwoman, State Representative, RNC Co-Chair, Ohio GOP State Central Committee Member, and founder of The Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute.

“I have long admired Jo Ann Davidson’s steadfast sense of purpose, honor, and integrity. She has fought with grit and cultivated a distinguished record of public service that has inspired countless women to pursue public service and attain positions of leadership. The Party of Lincoln, our beloved state and the nation are stronger and better off today due to Jo Ann’s dedication, patriotism, and accomplishments,” said Matt Dolan.

Jo Ann Davidson released the following letter endorsing Matt Dolan for U.S. Senate.

March 8, 2022         

        One year ago, Senator Rob Portman announced that this term would be his last in the U.S. Senate. Having known Rob as a man of integrity, selflessness, and principle, I was disappointed in his decision. With the challenges confronting our nation at the present moment, we need public servants of conviction willing to put the needs of our state and nation above politics and personal ambition. Rob is one of those leaders and Ohio has benefited from his service.

Since Rob’s announcement a number of candidates have considered and launched campaigns to take his place. It isn’t often that one of these offices changes hands. There’s a gravity to this moment in that it will likely mark a new direction for our state. I have been asked regularly about my thoughts on the Republican Primary. Out of respect for the candidates, some of whom I know personally, I have declined to share my opinions publicly. And yet, in recent weeks, I have come to see the tone and tenor of the contest shift. In these moments, like many Ohio Republicans, I ask myself what kind of public servant this moment requires. I now say, without reservation, that I strongly believe that leader to be Matt Dolan.

Our nation is on a calamitous path. One in which families are struggling under the crushing weight of rising prices. The rule of law is breaking down inside our local communities, and we lack a concrete policy agenda and clear vision for moving the nation forward. Overseas, we find America’s allies and interests under attack. We have abdicated leadership in regions of the world that carry tremendous weight and influence in our own affairs. It’s clear we need not only a change of direction, but also the personification of skill and values sets capable of meeting these challenges.

Matt Dolan is a lifelong Ohioan who, from the moment he entered this race, has carried the banner of the Republican Party with pride and honor. He has run a campaign that is squarely focused on Ohio’s needs and has offered conservative solutions to the multitude of challenges presently confronting our businesses, families, farmers and workers. What’s perhaps most impressive about Matt is his preparedness to serve. As a former prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General, State Representative and current State Senator, Matt Dolan has worked to make our state a better place for men and women to live, work and raise a family. For Matt, this race is personal because he has a vested interest in seeing Ohio grow and become stronger. This simple truth shines through in both his campaign and conduct.

Some will say this endorsement is a slight on others. It’s nothing of the sort. As has always been the case, I speak for myself and only myself. But I must say that all Ohioans also have an inherent responsibility to ask themselves what kind of person they want representing them in the U.S. Senate. This was a seat once occupied by the names Taft, Glenn and Voinovich, yet it has always and will forever belong to the people of Ohio. I have been around politicians much of my life, far too many to count, and most often I have found that how one acts in a campaign often closely resembles how they will govern. If that’s the yardstick by which we will measure the next person who will become Ohio’s next U.S. Senator, then I am proud to give my support and my vote to Matt Dolan.


Jo Ann Davidson

* * *

Jo Ann Davidson Biography

Before most women even thought of running for public office, Jo Ann Davidson had already decided to serve.  She first ran for Reynoldsburg City Council in 1965 before any women had been elected to council.  She did not win.  Undaunted, she ran again in the next election cycle.  This time she won.  She went on to serve ten years as a hardworking member of city council and become chair of its powerful finance committee.

In 1980 Davidson successfully ran for a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives where she served with distinction for 20 years.  She was elected by her peers to be the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives in 1995.  During her historic service as the first woman Speaker from 1995 through 2000, she guided many important legislative initiatives through the Ohio General Assembly including welfare reform, electric deregulation, and criminal justice reform.

In addition, Davidson has extensive experience in the private sector.  Prior to 1994, Davidson worked as Vice President of Special Programs for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Davidson holds honorary Doctor of Law degrees from Franklin University, Ohio University, Capital University and Cleveland State, an honorary degree in Government Leadership from the University of Findlay, and an honorary Doctor of Public Administration degree from The Ohio State University.

She formed her own consulting firm, JAD and Associates, and is doing consulting work on a broad range of issues involving public policy development and analysis, strategic planning, and political campaigns.  She served as Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee from 2005 to 2009.