ICYMI: Matt Dolan is “Focused on Ohio” & “Carving Out a Lane for Himself”

“Dolan is far from anti-Trump; he’s just not Trump-obsessed”

In case you missed it, Taylor Popielarz from Spectrum News1 Ohio is out with a fresh look at Matt Dolan’s bid for U.S. Senate. The piece highlights Dolan’s focus on making the race about Ohio and not being “obsessed” with campaigning towards audiences outside of Ohio, which has routinely been the case with the other candidates in the race.

Matt Dolan’s Ohio Senate bid: More policy, less Trump

“Over the course of five events on a recent campaign swing through southwest Ohio, Matt Dolan tried to make clear that his bid for U.S. Senate differs from the other Republicans running.

“’I try to focus on what’s going to work,’ Dolan said. ‘I’m focused on Ohio. I’m focused on what matters to you.’

“‘I know exactly who and what I’m fighting for,’ he added. ‘My opponents just want to cause fights.’”

“Over breakfast, at roundtables, and in town halls, Dolan talks about the economy and security.

He highlights his work as a state legislator, helping to pass three conservative budgets as chair of the finance committee, his background as a lawyer, and the lessons he’s learned from his billionaire family, with whom he owns the Cleveland Guardians baseball team.

“It’s an attempt to differentiate himself from his four main Republican rivals, who are competing for former President Donald Trump’s endorsement and talk mostly about the issues Trump prioritizes.”

“’He sure does know what he’s talking about. So I really like him and I’m going to support him, for sure. And I wasn’t before I came to this breakfast,’ said Joy Brush, who owns a local drug and alcohol testing company.

“JoAnne Rau, who serves on the Centerville City Council, said Dolan is carving out a unique lane for himself.

“’I think there were a number of people that would’ve liked to have voted Republican and maybe didn’t in this last race,’ she said. ‘And he might pull those people back in.’

“Dolan is far from anti-Trump; he’s just not Trump-obsessed.

“He voted for the former president twice and says he will support Trump again in 2024, if Trump is the GOP’s nominee. In an interview with Spectrum News after his stop in Beavercreek, Dolan explained it comes down to Trump’s policy platform.

“’Look, I don’t agree with his personality. I don’t have his personality. I don’t agree with the way he behaves,’ Dolan said. ‘But if you’re telling me that it’s between getting that back into our country, or continuing what we’re doing with Joe Biden, it’s a no-brainer.’”

“’Until Matt came along, I really wasn’t supporting any candidate because all of the other candidates all seem to be how much — and pardon the expression — how much can I kiss Trump’s butt so I can get elected’ said Bob Fudge, who lives in Cedarville.”

“When asked about it, Dolan argues he’s more aggressive than Portman, who has endorsed one of Dolan’s Republican rivals, Jane Timken. But Dolan tells voters that if elected, he will go to Washington open to compromise.

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Learn more about Matt Dolan’s campaign for U.S. Senate at www.dolanforohio.com.