ICYMI: Matt Dolan Appears on The Boxer Show

In case you missed it, Matt Dolan appeared on The Boxer Show this morning on WTVN Columbus. Boxer described Dolan as “one of those guys who is a commonsense conservative leader,” and Matt touched on a range of notable topics, including:

What Ohioans told Matt on his #OhioMatters tour

“Please get something done. Don’t be a bomb thrower, be a problem solver. As people begin to see my record and what I’ve been able to accomplish both in the private sector and the public sector, I get things done. I solve problems. I make sure that if legislation is good legislation, we work really hard to get it passed. If it’s bad legislation, we work hard to make sure it never impacts Ohio.”

What separates Matt Dolan from the Republican field

“I’m the only one who can point to conservative results that are the result of my working hard on behalf of Ohio. If we want something to get done, we send someone who has a proven record of getting things done.”

Matt Dolan the lone candidate supporting the targeted infrastructure bill negotiated by Senator Rob Portman

“If you aren’t investing in those areas, you’re not investing in Ohio’s economy.”

Importance of authenticity

“Authenticity is so important. I think the voters are seeing that I am true to who I am and maybe not seeing that so much with others.”

President Ronald Reagan

“Ronald Reagan was able to inspire us, motivate us, and accomplish things – even if that meant working across the aisle. Republican ideals won. Remember he is the guy who said, ‘If I can get 80% of what I want and it’s good for America, that’s a good deal.”

To listen to this radio interview in its entirety, click HERE. Learn more about Matt’s campaign for U.S. Senate at www.dolanforohio.com.