ICYMI: Dolan Maintains Focus on #OhioMatters with Ohio Press

Over the weekend, U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan continued his focus on #OhioMatters with Ohio press when he appeared on WFMJ TV’s 21 News Podcast with Justin Mitchell (Youngstown) and NBC4’s The Spectrum with Colleen Marshall (Columbus). During each interview, Matt Dolan spoke of Ohio’s unique needs, from the Voltage Valley to support for targeted infrastructure in Cincinnati and Appalachia.

The clear contrast Matt Dolan offers with the field not only highlights the other five candidates’ lack of focus on issues of importance to Ohio, but also Matt’s experience as the only candidate with a proven record of implementing conservative policy. It’s just one reason why The Cleveland Plain Dealer also came out in support of his candidacy last week.

NBC (WFMJ) Youngstown

Justin Mitchell: “Do you think, because you are stylistically taking a different tact from the other candidates in the race, does the Republican Party have an image issue and need to take itself back from the lies about a stolen election, or defending the insurrection of January 6, or some of the really extremist stuff you see from some on the right?”

Matt Dolan: “I will let you put adjectives to it, I know this: if the Republican Party does not focus on working together to get the majority back in 2022, we’re going to have two more years of the Biden agenda and two more years of the destruction of our country. I’m the only candidate singularly focused on that. Making sure I get to Washington so I can stop the bleeding, stop the Biden agenda, and more importantly, offer a solution to how America is going to grow. How we are going to be the strongest militarily. How we are going to be the strongest economically. How we are going to be the moral leader in the world as well. If we are looking to the past, we will fail in the future. I am the only one focused on getting America moving again.”

Listen to the entire podcast interview on WFMJ’s website by clicking here.

NBC4’s “The Spectrum” Columbus 

Colleen Marshall: “You are entering a very crowded Republican field, so what do you do to set yourself apart from some of these candidates who have statewide recognition already?”

Matt Dolan: “So, I’m the only one who is currently in elected office. I’m the only one that can show productive results for people. So, when you go to the ballot, you know what you’re going to get with me. You can’t say that about anyone else in the race. So, not only do my positive conservative results distinguish me, but so does things when I was on the tour. Infrastructure is a huge part of Ohio’s economy. Senator Portman negotiated a streamlined bill for infrastructure only. I am the only one supporting that bill. How can you say you’re fighting for Ohio, when you cannot even support infrastructure dollars? I’m the only one who said of both President Trump and President Biden, if I was in the United States Senate, I would not have pulled out of Afghanistan, because where we are is a stable force. The reality is now that we have a president who is destroying our economy. We have a president because of his incompetence has caused American deaths. We need people to go to Washington who are experienced, who will engage, who will put America and Ohio back in a strong position.”

Watch Matt’s entire sit-down with Colleen Marshall by clicking here.