ICYMI: Dolan Earns Conservative Praise on State Budget

It’s been a busy second quarter for the Dolan campaign. In recent days, Dolan significantly expanded his primary cash on hand lead in the Republican Primary leading his closest primary opponent by $3 million. This comes on the heels of independent survey research showing Dolan as the “most formidable” Republican to take on Sherrod Brown. What’s garnering the most attention by far, however, has been the conservative praise that continues to be lobbed in Dolan’s direction for his historic work on the state budget. From conservative pundits to advocacy groups, Matt Dolan’s work continues to shine in the national spotlight.

Hugh Hewitt: “Matt Dolan, you passed because of your efforts, universal school choice in Ohio…I like this reform. It’s a big win…congratulations.”

Brian Thomas (55KRC-Cincinnati): “You’re doing a great job in the State Senate…your record is impressive. I’m glad you zeroed in on the border, I’ve got a whole bunch of topics you’re going to be responsible for when you oust Sherrod Brown. You’ve convinced me…thank you for spending time with my listeners today, I wish you all the best with the campaign.” 

Brandon Boxer (610TVN-Columbus): “Matt is one of the architects of the state budget. The $74 billion state budget, you’re on a victory lap, championing it…what you have in this budget will definitely help law enforcement.”

The balanced budget authored and negotiated by Matt Dolan, and signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine, included bold conservative reform initiatives, including:

  • Flattening the income tax from three brackets to two, exempting the first $26,050 from taxation, and lowering the top rate, on income over $100,000 to only 3.5 percent.
  • Effectively eliminating the state’s commercial activities tax (CAT) for 90 percent of businesses that currently pay it. Most states don’t levy anything similar to the CAT, and it is highly anti-competitive. It should be repealed entirely, but this is a big step in that direction.
  • Creating a universal school choice voucher program. Every Ohio family making under $135,000 will be eligible to receive $6,165 for kindergarten through 8th grade and $8,407 for high school, with smaller values for families with higher incomes.
  • Spending on phonics resources and retraining teachers to use phonics to teach reading. This is a major blow against progressive educators, who largely oppose phonics, despite its record of success in teaching kids how to read.
  • Spending on career tech in high schools, to better support students who don’t want to go to four-year college.
  • Increasing oversight of nursing homes and tying state funding to performance in care of the elderly.
  • Boost funding and support for Ohio Law Enforcement training programs.
  • Adding 3,000 in-patient beds for mentally-ill adults and funding a state suicide and crisis hotline.
  • Adding twelve weeks of parental leave for state-government employees who have babies, paid at 70 percent of their normal rate, and the option of bereavement leave for a miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • Prohibiting state-government employees from using TikTok or any other Chinese apps on government devices.
  • Capping state-university tuition increases at 3 percent.
  • Creating centers for free expression at five state universities.
  • Exempting money received as compensation for the East Palestine train derailment from taxation.

For more information on the race for U.S. Senate in Ohio, visit dolanforohio.com.