Expanding & Modernizing Domestic Energy Production

The greatest accomplishment of President Trump’s time in office was rescinding the Obama regulatory agenda to make America an energy-independent nation. Ohio is a national leader in natural gas, coal and renewable energy production. This is vital to America’s national security, Ohio’s local economy, and the strength of our schools and local communities. I oppose any effort or mandate by the Biden Administration that seeks to increase energy prices on Ohio families and businesses.

  • Dolan sponsored multiple bills to encourage all-of-the-above energy policy and promote innovation in energy production in Ohio.
  • Dolan was named one of Conservatives for a Clean Energy Future’s notable leaders in 2018.
  • Dolan co-sponsored a resolution to urge Congress to protect the natural gas and oil industry from disproportionate tax increases.
  • Dolan voted to urge the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to preserve the Minimum Offer Price Rule for the PJM capacity market. Removing this rule would force Ohioans to bear costs associated with other states’ generation resource preferences.
  • Dolan voted to urge Governor Whitmer of Michigan to keep the Enbridge Line 5 open for business.