Dolan Toledo Blade Op-ed: I’ll end Biden’s war on North American energy

In case you missed it, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan is out with a new op-ed in today’s edition of the Toledo Blade discussing the economic security implications of energy independence, the regional significance of Line 5 and steps that should be taken to reverse the Democrats’ War on Energy.

Below are excerpts from the Blade. To read the full op-ed online, click HERE.

Dolan: I’ll end Biden’s war on North American energy

The inflation rate now stands at 8.5 percent, the fastest year-over-year rise in 42 years. Ohio families and businesses need relief from skyrocketing prices at the fuel pump and the grocery store, and one thing stands in the way: Democrats’ unwillingness to reverse course on their commitment to put the oil and gas industry out of business. Nowhere is this more evident than in Northwest Ohio.

On his first day in office, Joe Biden declared war on North American energy. He stalled Keystone, suspended oil and gas leases, and reversed course on emissions reductions and energy independence that were successfully achieved under the Trump Administration. Then, Democrats proceeded to turn their sites directly on Northwestern Ohio, by refusing to oppose state-led efforts in Michigan to shut down Line 5.

In November, the White House even went so far as to admit they were considering the impact of closing the pipeline for good. What they fail to understand is obvious to us in Ohio: closing Line 5 would be an economic, environmental, and national security disaster.

The national gas and crude oil that are transported securely through Line 5 have a direct tie to tens of thousands of Ohio jobs.

It impacts the livelihood of our skilled trades, revenue for our schools and basic government services. The Line’s impact on the broader regional economy also cannot be understated. Refinery output impacts fuel supply, but also the essential petrochemicals that are used in everyday products from smart phones and clothing, to detergents, medicine, and plastics purchased by consumers across America.

The battle to protect Line 5 carries implications well beyond Ohio and North America as well.

Closing off this energy lifeline will do little to counter rising demand for energy. The crude and natural gas will have to find its way to consumers in alternative fashion. That means more traffic congestion and higher emissions on our roadways. The resulting supply gap is also likely to be filled by energy productions inside other nations with far less environmentally friendly standards.

In addition to the economic an environmental ramifications, there are also legitimate national security concerns for closing Line 5. If we want to replace the gas that literally fuels and subsidizes Russia’s murderous campaign in Ukraine, we need to provide North American sourced and U.S. refined energy to our allies in Europe.


In the U.S. Senate, I will protect Line 5 and look to restore American energy exploration, production, and refining capacity to full strength. Just as I have done in the State Senate, I will also seek to reduce wasteful spending and I’ll oppose any effort to increase taxes. Doing so will not only serve the best interests of Northwest Ohio, but it will also help to fortify our national security and bring relief to consumers across our state and throughout America. If you agree, then I would appreciate your support. 

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