Dolan Continues to Differentiate from Field on Infrastructure

Before entering the race for U.S. Senate, Matt Dolan made clear, publicly, that he stood with Rob Portman on his targeted infrastructure bill. When every other Republican candidate boasted that they would oppose the bill, Dolan embraced it. The media quickly noticed Matt’s position, and predictably, his opponents tried fooling Republican voters in Ohio by conflating it with the $3.5 trillion plan being pushed by Democratic partisans.

With the House of Representatives now set to potentially move on infrastructure this week, Matt wasted no time in laying out the positive attributes of Senator Portman’s negotiated bill and called out the rest of the field for opposing the critical plan for Ohio jobs and economic revitalization with WKYC’s Mark Naymick in Cleveland.

Dolan also appeared this weekend on NBC4’s “The Spectrum” with Collen Marshall where he talked about the race and stressed the importance of Sen. Portman’s infrastructure bill to Ohio.

Colleen Marshall: “You are entering a very crowded Republican field, so what do you do to set yourself apart from some of these candidates who have statewide recognition already?”

Matt Dolan: “So, I’m the only one who is currently in elected office. I’m the only one that can show productive results for people. So, when you go to the ballot, you know what you’re going to get with me. You can’t say that about anyone else in the race. So, not only do my positive conservative results distinguish me, but so does things when I was on the tour. Infrastructure is a huge part of Ohio’s economy. Senator Portman negotiated a streamlined bill for infrastructure only. I am the only one supporting that bill. How can you say you’re fighting for Ohio, when you cannot even support infrastructure dollars?

Dolan’s support of Portman’s infrastructure plan is one reason why The Cleveland Plain Dealer came out in support of Dolan’s candidacy hours after he announced his campaign:

“More than a month ago, Dolan was already calling out the five leading GOP Senate candidates for letting down Ohioans through their unreasoning opposition to a bipartisan infrastructure deal that Ohio so clearly needs.”

Read the editorial by clicking HERE.

Dolan also authored an op-ed in The Cincinnati Enquirer in late summer reiterating his support for Portman’s bill and noting the other candidates have attempted to tie it to the $3.5 trillion bill being pushed by the far-left wing of the Democratic Party:

As if declining $12.3 billion in targeted infrastructure funding for Ohio wasn’t bad enough, the candidates also operated in bad faith, seeking to falsely tie Portman’s targeted infrastructure package to the reckless $3.5 trillion liberal wish list bill to garner media hits. What Portman did was exactly what voters sent him to Congress to do: to make smart decisions that directly benefit our state while opposing out-of-control government spending that would fall squarely on taxpayers.