Dispatch Letter: Dolan Would Make a Great Senator

The Columbus Dispatch LTE

Matt Dolan has taken a bold stance by entering the race for U.S. senator. He has a steadfast conservative record of carefully directing Ohio’s money.

As the chair of the Ohio Senate committee responsible for our last two state budgets, he has kept a close eye on all state funds. In the final vote on this year’s budget bill, he achieved overwhelming bipartisan support, with all senators but one approving it.

Having been a federal appointee under President Ronald Reagan and later serving for eight years in the cabinet of Gov. George Voinovich managing major agency programs, I identify with the importance of judicious oversight of taxpayers’ money.

Dolan represents a long Ohio tradition of measuring public resources wisely, and would reflect principles established by our distinguished current Sen. Rob Portman.

Support for Matt Dolan will preserve Republican values and bring honor to our state in the United States Senate.

Judith Y. Brachman