Cuyahoga County Mayors Endorse Matt Dolan for U.S Senate

Elected Leaders call for Unity in the Fight to Retire Sherrod Brown

Cleveland, OH: U.S. Senate candidate Matt Dolan today announced the support of 12 Republican mayors in Cuyahoga County. The mayors, in a joint statement, highlighted Matt’s record of conservative results, deep support in Cuyahoga County and proven ability to earn votes.

“Last week, Cuyahoga County Republicans convened to declare in one voice a shared commitment to conservative principles to advance our party’s chances of success at the ballot box. At that time, we also joined together in our capacity as elected Republican mayors to highlight the need for unity to retire Senator Sherrod Brown in 2024. Ohio Senator Matt Dolan rightly joined us in that effort, and today we uniformly endorse Matt for U.S. Senate in that same spirit.

“During his time as a prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General, State Representative and Senator, Matt Dolan has kept his word to keep our communities safe and make Northeast Ohio a great place to live, work and raise a family. As mayors, we have witnessed Matt’s work ethic firsthand. He has always been honest and responsive in finding solutions to challenges. His record of leadership is comprised of tangible conservative results for our constituents. In his two elections to the State Senate, as well as the U.S. Senate Republican Primary in 2022, voters in Cuyahoga County overwhelming supported Matt for U.S. Senate. That illustrates the overwhelming strength of his deep support among local Republicans; a prerequisite needed to take the fight to an entrenched Democratic incumbent. In keeping with the call for unity espoused by the membership of our county party, and a desire to advance forward-looking results for our cities and conservative reform for America, we strongly encourage Republicans in Cuyahoga County, and throughout Ohio, to join us in supporting Matt Dolan for U.S. Senate.”


Mayor Jack Bacci
(R, Cuyahoga Heights)

Mayor Tony Biasiotta
(R, Seven Hills)

Mayor Pamela Bobst
(R, Rocky River)

Mayor Chuck Brunello, Jr.
(R, Highland Heights)

Mayor Dennis Clough
(R, Westlake)

Mayor Paul Koomar
(R, Bay Village)

Mayor Greg Kurtz
(R, Independence)

Mayor Bruce Mavec
(R, Hunting Valley)

Mayor Tom Perciak
(R, Strongsville)

Mayor Karen Schneider
(R, Gates Mills)

Mayor Bill Tomko
(R, Chagrin Falls)

Mayor Pat Ward
(R, Lyndhurst)