Columbus Dispatch Letter: Matt Dolan ‘second to none’ in Ohio Senate race

The Columbus Dispatch LTE

Having developed real estate (Easton Town Center) and supported economic development in Central Ohio for decades, I cannot underscore enough the need for stability, partnership, and competence in government. It drives collaboration and results, for job creators, builders, taxpayers, and consumers.

Looking at the present race for U.S. Senate, it’s clear that Matt Dolan is the only candidate with the skill set and understanding of Ohio to effectively serve as our next United States senator.

Our country is facing significant challenges due to supply chain issues, rising inflation, and much-needed investments in workforce development and training. During his time in the legislature, Sen. Dolan has cut the income tax rate, slashed regulations, and incentivized businesses to invest and locate in Ohio.

Take for instance Intel’s recent announcement that they intend to bring tens of thousands of jobs, and hundreds of millions of dollars, of investment to our area. As chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Matt Dolan played a vital role in championing pro-growth project incentives to make this dream a reality for Ohio.

While other extremely partisan candidates in this race offer little more than divisive rhetoric and conspiracy theories, Matt Dolan has been out meeting with voters and offering positive solutions across the state.

His candor, knowledge and work ethic are second to none. He has led with integrity. In the U.S. Senate he will lead with honor and focus on Ohio’s needs.

Yaromir Steiner, New Albany